About Kim

Cooking for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do!  My favorite cuisine is Italian, but Mexican comes in at a very close second.  You can’t live in Texas and not appreciate great Mexican food.  I was born in Texas and have lived here all my life.   Anyone who stops by my house should be prepared to eat!!! I’m always forcing friends and family to try whatever it is that just came out of the oven. I know that is a horrible habit but I can’t break it… I think it must be the Italian in me!  Mangia!  


3 responses to “About Kim

  1. Bev

    Hi Kim!

    I love your blog! I have really enjoyed reading about you, all your wonderful recipes, and plan to return : )
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Very nice job..I like your blog very much as I was searching for something to read, some new ideas, I came across your blog. I am new to this blog world as you can see:D
    We have something in-common…I loveee Italian food!

    Best Wishes!

  3. Dawne Gibbs

    Hi Kim,
    I’m trying to find a recipe that my mother use to make when I was a child. She called them angel wings or Italian Wons. She is long passed and she never passed on this recipe. It is an Italian dessert of sorts. Very light and crispy (flaky) thin pastry cut in the center and one end pulled through the hole to make wings. Deep fried just till starting to brown then drain and cover with confectioners sugar.
    Do you know of a recipe for these.

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