Message to my Readers

Hello Cooking Friends!

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog.  My goal is to try at least one recipe from every cookbook that I have in my collection… and that’s a look of cooking and eating!  I originally started off writing this blog for myself, as a way to keep track of the recipes that I tried from each of my cookbooks.  However, it’s nice to know that you are reading my posts and trying the recipes along with me.   That makes writing and cooking so much more fun!  I appreciate all your comments and would love to hear from you!

I sometimes miss the comments, so if you would like to contact me directly, please email me at

Thanks and Happy Cooking!




4 responses to “Message to my Readers

  1. Kera

    Hi I just found your blog searching ‘Junior League Collection’ on google… I found your cookbook collection and I must say I am impressed!!! Right now I have about 30 Junior League Cookbooks (I am determined to have all of them!) and I have about 20 others (Joseph Dabney, Jean Anderson, Flo Braker, Tammy Algood, the Lee Brothers… ETC) besides Junior League cookbooks, my main collection is Southern Cooking and Antique cookbooks. I am going to bookmark your blog it looks awesome!

  2. Marianne in Alabama

    I’m researching Gulf Coast Seafood Gumbo recipes, and am interested in the recipe in the “Bellingrath Gardens Bouquet of Recipes” cookbbok. It is out of print, and there are no copies at Bellingrath or in the libraries. I think the recipe came from Mobile’s Renaissance Man, Eugene Walter. Do you have the recipe, and would you share it with me? Thanks.
    Marianne in Alabama

  3. Hazel

    I have “The Art of German Cooking and Baking” by Mrs. Lina Meier, German Cooking Teacher (Milwaukee, U.S.A. 1922). Would you know if if this book has any value .

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