Cookbook Collection

My Cookbook Collection

I once counted my collection of cookbooks and there were a total of 890.  Wow!  How on earth did I collect so many?  I really have no idea.  But, I’ve been collecting cookbooks since college.  Family and friends know that I collect them, so they sometimes give them to be for birthdays and Christmas.   

When my husband and I moved to our new home, summer of 2016, I donated about 10 boxes of cookbooks to our church, for the annual Spring Festival garage sale.  However, my collection is still huge!  The picture above shows my collection, before the famous “cookbook donation of 2016”.  As you can see, the shelves were bending with the weight.  When we moved, my sweet hubby made me three more shelves (two tall narrow ones and one long one).  I’m happy to say that all my cookbooks now fit on the shelves, so I can enjoy them all without wondering which ones were in boxes in the closet.

Below are some pictures of the new shelves that my husband made for my cookbooks.













2 responses to “Cookbook Collection

  1. Cheryle Haley

    I cannot locate my copy of
    Big Momma’s Little Black Pot and I need the recipe for the Pecan Pie. would you please be so kind as to send me a copy of it? Thanks so much.

    Cheryle haley

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