The Massive Cookbook Collection

Well, I finally did it!  I took the plunge and decided to start a food blog.  I’ve been considering the idea for several years.  The reason for my blog is a simple one. A few nights ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table at dinner and I looked over at my overflowing cookbook shelf and realized that I will never in my lifetime be able to cook every recipe in every cookbook on my embarrassingly, humongous cookbook collection.  The word “humongous” is a great word to describe my collection because I’m sure I have well over 1,000 cookbooks.  I’ve been cooking and collecting cookbooks for years.  I accumulate them in many ways: I buy them at resale shops, at church bazaars, on family vacations, and they are given to me by friends and family for birthday or Christmas presents.  Yes, I have more cookbooks than any one person should have.  It’s totally outrageous!  So, with my collection staring me in the face every time I enter the kitchen, I find myself provoked to make at least one recipe out of each cookbook.  So, today I begin this venture and although I’m writing this blog for my own personal account, I hope that others will read it as well and find it perhaps interesting or helpful.  If you are out there reading my blog, your comments are welcome and I’d love to hear from you.  So let the cooking begin…..



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8 responses to “The Massive Cookbook Collection

  1. Karen

    After watching Julie and Julia with my daughters, my 15 year old got the idea to do the same thing you’re planning here! I don’t think I have over 1000 cookbooks, but at least half that amount and I think it’s a cool thing to try: at least one recipe from every book! Good Luck! I’ll be following your quest. Maybe it will prove to be inspirational.

  2. cookiedog

    Best Wishes for what sounds to be a fun filled adventure!

  3. krista

    Good luck! are you going to let us have the recipes that you make? Tell us about mistakes too so I remeber others have those too..jkI am looking forward to reading more.

    • Kit and ScottyJ

      Hi, Krista. Hope you are doing well. Are you living in Houston? Glad you and Kim kept in touch. I’m going to be following her blog as I love to cook. – Kit (Lori, Kim’s sister) – I go be Kit now. Have been for several decades.

  4. Excellent that you are joining the blogging world Kim! I’ll be looking in frequently to see what’s Cookin’…
    I have about 500 cookbooks and I thought *my* collection was getting outragous, sounds like we got bitten by the same cookbook collecting bug! Are there any cures that you know of? I haven’t found one yet. Great project 🙂

  5. Kit and ScottyJ

    We will definitely be following this yummy adventure. We both love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Your blog will add more spice to our cooking hobby. Enjoy the photos you post.
    Love ya! – Kit and ScottyJ

  6. Excellent blog, Kim! I love the idea! Five years ago I had over 600 cookbooks, but when I got remarried and had to move, I needed to purge. I gave away more than 500 of my collection, and saved just 100 of my very favorites. Fortunately for me, most of the books went to friends, not strangers, so I have visiting rights. And in the past five years, well, the collection is growing again. You can’t keep a cookbook collector down! I’m really looking forward to your posts. And I’m adding you to my blogroll.

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